Mariouche Gagné created Harricana in 1994 to fund her studies at Milan's Domus Academy. Her first creation was a ski garment made from her mom's fur coat. 

Since 1993, our expertise has allowed for us to communicate emotions from generation to generation by recycling high-quality fashion apparel. By recycling old furs, we have saved the lives of more than 800,000 animals over the past 15 years. It has also enabled us breath new life into more than 80,000 coats, silk scarves, cashmere scarves and wedding gowns, which would never have been worn again if they had not been remodeled. We give gorgeous materials a second life and transform them into unique pieces, proving that fashion can also be sustainable.

As concern for the environment is a core value of ours, all of our creations are made under ethical manufacturing conditions.

The origin of the name "Harricana"
The Harricana River in Canada stretches over 500 km long. The first fur exchanges took place on its shores. The original name of the river was Nanikana, meaning “main road” in Algonquin, however this was changed by missionaries of the time into that which we have today.