The "MOREL" collection is our promise of comfort. It combines the former AZUR, KOALI, LIGHTEC, and ÖGA lines to create a single range. This carefully crafted series of frames embodies our expertise, offering a wide variety of styles through three distinct aesthetics.

The first offers ultra-feminine models with bold, colorful, and glistening shapes. They evoke MOREL's taste for fashion and appreciation for today’s top trends. The second, more masculine offering celebrates minimalism taken to the highest level while ensuring lightness and maximized comfort. The final aesthetic embodies MOREL’s perfectionist nature and innovation of our brand in terms of pure design. It relies on frames with particularly complex and detailed finishes for exceptional results.

A strong technical identity characterizes this collection. Each frame is equipped with our patented screwless, solderless hinge technology to provide unparalleled comfort.