More sportswear than “sport”, Luhta makes apparel for the relaxed lifestyle. Backed by over 100 years of Finnish heritage, their up-to-date looks match quality, style and practical functionality with modern Nordic design for a year-round product line.


The Swix name, born in Norway from a line of only five waxes, has grown to a world-leading brand that spans from simple universal waxes to complex chemistry’s that champions swear by, and all the gear needed to make the most of them.
In addition to distributing Swix hardgoods and performance apparel, Lanctot develops and designs the Swix Caribou Collection: a line of outdoor-focused apparel specifically tailored for North American outdoor enthusiasts.


Rukka Pets products and garments are designed to provide comfort and functionality for pet´s daily activities in every weather. Our products are durable, practical and represent the well-known Finnish quality.


Jean Vuarnet’s adventure began in 1960 when he won the Olympic Downhill gold medal during the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley in California, with the first-ever metal skis, the Allais 60. This outstanding athlete was the creator of the aerodynamic position known as the "Tuck", that revolutionized the ski industry.
Jean Vuarnet was also a visionary and was part of the development of the Avoriaz ski resort. He was the initiator of the "Porte du Soleil" ski area between France and Switzerland. He then became head of the Italian ski team from 1968 to 1972 and the French ski federation from 1972 to 1974.
This story is the one of an Olympic legend, an outdoor adventurer, a French innovator, a name that became a global brand.


Joua is a new line of Children’s outerwear designed in Montreal. It is inspired by nature, with trendy patterns representing flora and mountains to motivate kids to play outdoors. Designed with optimal materials to ensure aesthetics, comfort, and durability, Joua also includes great technical features that allow them to grow as fast as the children who wear them.
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Nvo is a Montreal brand that creates style-driven apparel for active women. It’s vibrant, confident, performance-oriented and has a fashion focus that keeps its designs fresh.

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Sligo Wear was founded by a group of avid golfers who were experiencing a lack of modern and fashionable golf apparel in the marketplace.  At a Pro-Am in the Azores in early 2004, they discovered a new style of golf apparel and upon their return to Ontario they conceived the men’s golfwear brand Sligo Wear. The name Sligo was inspired by the 13th hole at Devil’s Pulpit golf course where the friends frequently played.

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Daily Sports

Daily Sports is a Swedish golf apparel company started in 1995 with headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. The Woman’s golf apparel line is best know for its high quality and incredible fit, unique patterns and eye-catching details with no compromise on functionality or comfort. Sustainability is at the core of everything Daily does from design and production to packaging and transport with targets to have 80% of their Golf and active wear to be sustainability-labeled by 2025.

Canadian Hat

Canadian Hat. Handcrafted in Montréal since 1918.

In the early 20th century the millinery Leopold & Leopold was already renowned for its elegant headwear.
As Canadian Hat in 1948, the company became famous worldwide for its mink, fox and beaver, as well as felt, straw, and wool hats. Since the fifties, under the André signature, their high-end hats are sought after in London and Paris.
The new president, Diane Lanctot honed with 30 years of fashion experience, has revamp the collection with her sense of design, color, and fabric. The harsh Canadian climate inspired her to create hats that keep the head warm and protected, and are flattering.
Today, under her leadership, Canadian Hat provides hat collections for all four seasons, using top quality and comfortable materials, exclusive furs and well-structured felts.


Mariouche Gagné created Harricana in 1994 to fund her studies at Milan's Domus Academy. Her first creation was a ski garment made from her mom's fur coat. 
Since 1993, our expertise has allowed for us to communicate emotions from generation to generation by recycling high-quality fashion apparel. By recycling old furs, we have saved the lives of more than 800,000 animals over the past 15 years. It has also enabled us breath new life into more than 80,000 coats, silk scarves, cashmere scarves and wedding gowns, which would never have been worn again if they had not been remodeled. We give gorgeous materials a second life and transform them into unique pieces, proving that fashion can also be sustainable.
As concern for the environment is a core value of ours, all of our creations are made under ethical manufacturing conditions.
The origin of the name "Harricana"
The Harricana River in Canada stretches over 500 km long. The first fur exchanges took place on its shores. The original name of the river was Nanikana, meaning “main road” in Algonquin, however this was changed by missionaries of the time into that which we have today.