Wednesday, February 13, 2019
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During this winter season many cross country events take place, such as the Canadian Ski Marathon, the Gatineau Loppet or whatever. 
Our ski expert team shares to you some advice to get ready for a cross country session and maximise your performances. 

- Clean the push area with a base cleaner 
- Clean the gliding area with a cleaner / conditioner.
- Saturate the gliding area with BP 77 or CH7-CH6, let it cool of and scrape.
- Add LF5 on the glide zone. Let it cool and scrape.
- Add white Marathon on the sliding area. Let it cool and scrape.
- Add HF5-HF4 on the glide zone. Let it cool and scrape. Brush to remove any residue on the surface.
- Sweep the push zone with # 80-100 and remove any residue with Fiberlene.
- Apply one thin layer of VG35 and pass the iron. Repeat as needed to cover and cool.
- Pass the cork and apply V20-V30 over VG35. Iron to melt without mixing. Let cool and pass the cork.
- Recover three thin layers of VR30 while passing the cork.

* Please note that conditions may change at any time.
* For more tips on waxing and application see